The Great Lie

Just might be was saves Romney’s campaign from being dead in the water after that whole 47% comment. 

The great lie. 

That membership in The Club is not exclusive… that if you just work hard enough, you too will join our ranks. 

Which we know is complete and utter bullshit. 

But there’s another part to the lie. The part where, as the middle class shrinks and those among its ranks feel more and more pinched, that the blame isn’t to be placed in the hands of the wealthy Wall Street moguls who tanked the economy, businesses that moved their headquarters offshore to avoid paying taxes, and recipients of corporate welfare— but it lies with those who receive government assistance. 

They…the poor, brown, infirmed… that rely on government ”entitlements” and don’t earn and pay taxes (because they CAN’T) are stealing your hard earned tax dollars through welfare and other social programs and are living “high on the hog.” 

This is how they are getting middle and working class Republicans to still hold fast to the idea that Mitt Romney cares about them and their aspirations. They NEED these people to believe this lie… because once they realize that he is talking about them? Well, there aren’t enough millionaires in this country to vote Mitt in and they know that.